ARTICLES Becoming A Value Added Talent By Adakole Barry Okwori

Published on March 19th, 2020 | by BoizQuarters


ARTICLE: Becoming A Value Added Talent By Adakole Barry Okwori

TOPIC: Becoming A Value Added Talent


As a young boy growing up, I thought my talent in dancing/rapping could help me become a star and financially free eventually, just like every star I admired – and since I had a great passion to go with it, I was on the right path to success.

However, I was wrong. I didn’t know how relevant my passion was, and how I could position myself amongst other talents.

How was I wrong?

First of, In the 21st century, following your passion is not as important as understanding the relevance of your passion in this age and time. When it comes to being talented, passion does not work alone, it needs to work with the currency VALUE.

We are in a value exchange economy, whatever you must sell (including talents) there must be value in it. Value is the currency in this 21st century that exposes one to the highest bidder.

I have seen so many great talents who were not selected in talent hunts (and I believe you have too, right?), that’s because, talent on it’s own is not enough. Talent is the raw material, you need to mine it. Got it?

Learn other stuffs, improve yourself, fill your mind everyday with informations. Your mind is your bank of knowledge, when you fill it up correctly, it will always produce for you thoughts and ideas that will yield commercial value.

Put aside the talent – Who is really behind the talent?

YOU are not your talent, your talent is not you. The value your talent needs comes from the YOU behind it.

You’re NOT a Singer

You’re NOT a Footballer

You’re NOT a Networker

You’re NOT a blogger

You’re someone who sings. You’re someone who plays football. You see? There’s a someone behind it. People don’t patronize your talent because your talent is so great and out of space, they patronize your talent because of the value YOU added behind it.

Thus, in all you do with your talents, add commitment, and to commitment, add determination, and to determination, add resilience, and to resilience, add focus, and to focus, add faith, and to faith, add VALUE.

Yours in value,
Adakole Barry Okwori

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