BoizQuarters (BQ) song screening is straight forward like ABC and essential for US to spread beautiful and edifying contents into the world. These are the simple stuff WE evaluate before giving ratings to a particular song.

Here, WE look at how clearly heard and understood the artiste sounds.

In this category, BoizQuarters look at the words that make up the song, the creativity in writing, and to see if any word or group of words used in the song is a foul word or is against what WE stand for.

As the name implies, WE just look at the quality of the beat, mix and mastering of the song.

Yes, BQ also take a glimpse at the artist vocal performance on the song.

Indeed, BQ Song Screening is essential to help the message get out 100%, all words easily heard and understood. ‘Been Heard’ is a great deal when it comes to the Gospel, and WE believe together it’s achievable.

Lastly, always be at ease to submit songs for upload, we’re all here to learn and teach same thing; We Are One Body. Before promoting your content on any platform, be sure to have listened to it with friends and family. Get critics, negative or positive comments on your music or style can only make you better at what you do.

NB: As said earlier, we are all here to learn and teach. Thus, don’t hesitate to Contact Us ( if you feel misunderstood as a result of how a song was rated. It’s just BQ Song Screening, not the entire world.

Thanks for your time and as always; stay blessed! 🙂

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