ARTICLES Dont Just Be Pregnant Give Birth By Adakole Barry Okwori

Published on March 21st, 2020 | by BoizQuarters


ARTICLE: Don’t Just Be Pregnant, Give Birth! By Adakole Barry Okwori

TOPIC: Don’t Just Be Pregnant, Give Birth!


Have you ever pictured a pregnant woman who always announces her pregnancy but never gives birth even after 9 months?

What do you think may happen to such pregnancy?

Whatever you could imagine is what happens to the dream you don’t give birth to; you’ll remain a pregnant barren woman and unfulfilled.

No doubt, the world is full of so many inspired men and women who still remained the same, because they failed to take ACTION. Nothing changes until you change it. You can be inspired without a transformation. Transformation comes from taking the right actions.

What action do you take when you’re pregnant with a dream?

Same action of prenatal care, antenatal care, and even postnatal care. The moment of pregnancy is not a moment of comfort. A lot of things must change when you’re pregnant; Your taste, your emotions, your thinking, your likes and dislikes. When you’re pregnant with a dream, in order to give birth successfully, you need to take the action of changing your circles, you need to take the action of changing your taste for things and you need to take the action of changing your likes.

Start meeting those ahead of you who had achieved such dreams before for antenatal check ups. Whatever dream you have, you must understand that there are those ahead of you. Reach out to them!

As they supply you with the necessary vaccines and medication of advice and motivation, you’ll find yourself giving birth to that dream when due. Don’t forget miscarriage is possible, and so, carefully select what you digest, be it in words, thoughts or in action. Don’t accept every offer that won’t improve the health of your foetus dream.

And when you give birth to that dream, remember you still need post natal care. A lot will call for your attention, you must be prepared physically, spiritually and psychologically.

And same way you train a child to take responsibilities, a dream is not a dream until it gives birth to other dreams.
Think of this things and reason with me.

Yours in value,
Adakole Barry Okwori

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