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ARTICLE: Her Hurt, Her Burden By @OnaziAbino

TOPIC: Her Hurt, Her Burden

Author: Agbese Onazi Abino (@kriativeabino)

She’s smiling, teeth shining like a raising sun; you hear her laughter, voice sweet like the canaries song. Her stories long, and her imitation of the actions she speaks about – on point. She makes the place lively; her friends laughing so much, stomach hurts.
After the show is over and her house, which was full of laughter now empty.

Her eyes give her away if you ask if she’s okay; she will smile, say nothing is wrong, but I can see her as she is, which is empty. Her house in turmoil, her children having issues, her husband cheating, the rent is due, and he doesn’t care. The car has broken down, the gas has finished, the last food, her friends ate. Looking at the time, it’s late, she has to lock the gate, she know he’s not coming home, today is her birthday, and he even forgot the date, she remembers she has to bath.

She has had to lie when asked of her husband, she told the lie so much she now believes it. She even cooked for him this night, but she has to give it to the dogs because he won’t come to eat it.

She walks to the bathroom to take her bath, but rushes out at the sound of her son crying… She know he misses his dad. He said he would be like his dad when he grows up – inside her heart, she wishes he doesn’t put another woman through what she has been through. Actually, she looks beautiful, very beautiful she doesn’t look a bit like what she’s been through.

She puts him to bed with a smile, checks the doors and walks into her room; she wishes she never have to tell the children another lie… She’s tired and weak, hasn’t had her bath but she’s sleepy, she has work tomorrow, preparing the children for school is top of her priority.

With all the hurt running in her mind, her spirit feels weak and her body dirty and tired.

She kneels down by the side of her bed… Pull the Bible from the stool beside the bed…

Her prayers can be heard till 3am, about her husband she still prays, her children are not left out… With tears on her face she still thanks God…

Her Hurt is a Burden you don’t know and it doesn’t show…

She is a woman.



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