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Published on March 5th, 2020 | by BoizQuarters


How To Get Contents Uploaded On BoizQuarters

The Procedures Below Will Help You To Quickly Get Songs Or Other Gospel Contents Across For Upload On BoizQuarters.

It’s quite easy getting your contents (Gospel Music Audio or Video, Spoken Word, Article, etc.) across for upload on BoizQuarters.



In this section, an artist can decide to upload their song for free downloads, or ONLY Streaming.

1a. For songs that you want to put for free download, send the song in MP3 format and the following;

1ai. Artiste Name / Featured Artiste Name
This is the name of the song author, and the name of the artiste featured on the song, if any.

1aii. Song Cover
An artwork for the song to be submitted is required, if you can get one. It helps in a way to represent your content. We can fix ours as a default cover if you don’t have one.

1aiii. Song Bio
The description of your record is important to your audience. What motivated the message? Try to summarize it when sending details across.

1aiv. Artiste Mobile Number
In case BQ wishes to reach artiste for business, alerts, or if we get a copy right infringement notification of sort concerning the artistes’ song. We can simply reach out to you. Isn’t that cool?

1v. Any Other Details
If there’s any other information you wish to be published with you song, send it in addition to the above list.

1B. For songs that you want to put only their streaming links on BoizQuarters to direct users there. Simply follow the instructions from 1ai – 1aiv, and then in addition, send all streaming links.

1. Upload Fee: BoizQuarters Don’t Charge to upload songs. It’s free. If you wish to donate or support the movement, feel free to reach Us via our email or facebook page and we’d gladly accept your donations.
2. Upload Duration: BoizQuarters needs at least one (1) to three (3) days to process a submitted track. Thus, send your song 3 – 7 days before release date. For Extended Plays or Albums, send 7 to 14 days before release.
3. Lastly: To avoid delays, make sure you send all the requirements, and neatly done. Please, do not send same subject more than once to enable Us tend to others and you in a proper and quick order. See Example below:

An Example Of Song Upload Format Is Shown Below

BoizQuarters Song Upload Format Example

2. Spoken Words & Articles

If you’re good at doing / writing / explaining bible verses; for example, give a topic from the passage and elaborate on it of sort. You can use BoizQuarters to publish your messages for free, we will mention you as the authour of the post. And if we can verify you as a passionate, reliable writer that is consistent, BQ will create an account for you that displays your name as the post author.

3. Other Gospel Contents

This includes free beats, video clip, full music video, etc. Simply reach Us with details regarding your request.

Send Everything To:

Enjoy exclusive Gospel Music Updates, gospel audios and videos, News, and so on. Simply bookmark or join BQ’s update channels below.

Download below, listen, share, and stay blessed.



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