ARTICLES Theres No Pride At Stake By Xcriptures

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ARTICLE: There’s No Pride At Stake By Xcriptures

TOPIC: There’s No Pride At Stake

Author: IKWUJE OLOFU MATHEW (@xcriptures)
A collection from Beautiful Error, ep – [BEEP]

What then is believing, what then is faith, if my effort and hard work is the strength to the result or outcome of my faith in God?

It is normal to get angry and feel bad for not seeing the result we always pray and hope for in life. I know you have fasted, prayed and may have sow great financial seeds of breakthrough. Yes, we all have, and all this has been done to make us believe since there is something to see and behold as a sacrifice, I know we feel empty and confuse not seeing the results we hope for after all our efforts in prayers.

Please, never loose faith in your God, God sees and hears your every prayer, and is always willing to answer us. Let us try not to see our seed and prayer for a while and begin to see our father who loves us and wants us to be in good health and excel in all we do.

My prayer request should not define my faith, No! It shouldn’t. Let the GOODNESS of our God be the only strength and motivation to our prayers.

It is God who solemnly answers our prayer and we are not been answered of our prayers because we were the loudest in prayer or most hardworking in prayer. God will and always answers us because He loves us and does not have the ability to FAIL – never forget this. “Your God does not have the ability to FAIL.”

“If there be a man to pray, there’s a God to answer, and there’s no pride at stake, it is GOD that ANSWERS (See God).”

Let our hope be set high because your God Can NEVER fail you, let our Trust on God be the basics of our prayers because our GOD can never FAIL and most especially let your prayer be a sweet fellowship with the one who loves you unconditionally.

Your Daddy is good, your Daddy loves you, your Daddy wants you to be happy, and your Daddy is the Almighty & unfailing GOD.

Have a blessed week seeing LOVE at work for you!

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