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ARTICLE: When Love Falls In Love By Xcriptures

TOPIC: When Love Falls In Love

Author: IKWUJE OLOFU MATHEW (@xcriptures)

Have you ever been in love before?
That sweet feeling you get whenever you know him or her coming to see you, that peace and pause in time you always wish for whenever you spend time with them. Their silence in your company feels like a thousand words as nothing beat that feeling spending time in their presence.

Love is beautiful; you look into their eyes with this smile and confidence knowing she’s yours, knowing he belongs to you. You believe the whole world is missing something great and you are that lucky one, because what they miss, all the funny jokes, cute and beautiful smile belong to you. Nothing beats this overwhelming feeling.
You just want to feel their presence, you call just to hear them breath, hehe. Funny, but very true, lol.

Love is not overrated for those who have been there before or are still in love. So beautiful a feeling you never want it ever to be over, because you feel alive in their presence. But check this, here is a love we feel for a person we probably met maybe a year, 2, 5, 20 or maybe 50years ago. Imagine how you would feel if this personality was moulded and shaped by you strictly to be LOVED. Hmm, now tell me, what kind of Emotion and feeling can you give then?

No wonder a mothers love for her child is beyond understanding, because the child actually came out of her, but tell me how much more is the Love, affection, feeling that comes from the one who moulded, shaped, formed, predestined, and created the mother and child?

The mothers love for this child is just a spec of sand to a desert, a drop of water to an ocean compared to the love GOD has for YOU whom he created. No wonder it’s unconditional, because nothing can and would ever have the ability to come in between His love for you; an undescribable love. If we can love someone this much that gives us this level of joy, how much more will LOVE itself feel for the ones who where made strictly to be LOVED? GOD is love personified and you were created to be LOVED by God. Your lover is excited to see you, to hear you talk, to see you happy, to provide all of your needs. LOVE is madly in LOVE with YOU.

“Don’t be deceived, your God does not have the ability to hate on you. It was not for the world he died, it was for YOU who is reading this piece. Hence, get your confidence back and never Forget LOVE is madly in love with YOU.”

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